Fix libgomp crash without TLS (PR42616)

Jakub Jelinek
Tue Sep 30 09:52:00 GMT 2014

On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 11:03:47AM +0400, Varvara Rainchik wrote:
> Corrected patch: call pthread_setspecific (gomp_tls_key, NULL) in
> gomp_thread_start if HAVE_TLS is not defined.
> 2014-09-19  Varvara Rainchik  <>
>         * libgomp.h (gomp_thread): For non TLS case create thread data.
>         * team.c (non_tls_thread_data_destructor,
> create_non_tls_thread_data): New functions.

I actually wonder when we have emutls support in libgcc if it wouldn't
be better to just define HAVE_TLS always to 1 (i.e. remove all the
conditionals on it), then you wouldn't need to bother with this at all.

I don't have an OS which doesn't support native TLS though, so somebody with
such a system would need to test it and benchmark if it doesn't make things

Richard, thoughts on this?


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