libffi patch RFA: Pass -Qunused-arguments for asm files

Ian Lance Taylor
Tue Sep 30 00:12:00 GMT 2014

Similar to a recent patch to libgo, this patch to the libffi configure
script checks whether the compiler support -Qunused-arguments.  If it
does, it passes -Qunused-arguments when invoking the compiler on .s
files.  This is because the clang driver complains by default when given
useless arguments, such as -I options when compiling a .s file.  This
somewhat annoying behaviour works poorly with configure scripts.  The
-Qunused-arguments option disables it.  Bootstrapped and ran libffi and
libgo tests on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.

OK for mainline?


2014-09-29  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* If the compiler supports -Qunused-arguments, use
	it when running the compiler on .s files.
	* configure: Regenerated.

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