[AArch64] Make gentune.sh also generate "generic_sched" attribute

James Greenhalgh james.greenhalgh@arm.com
Thu Sep 25 13:38:00 GMT 2014


This patch fixes an annoying gotcha when adding new cores or piepline
models in builds for AArch64. The "generic_sched" attribute also needs
updating in addition to aarch64-tune.md.

I see no good reason for this, we can generate that attribute in
gentune.sh quite easily.

For testing, I built an aarch64-none-elf toolchain with no issues.



2014-09-25  James Greenhalgh  <james.greenhalgh@arm.com>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64.md (generic_sched): Don't define here.
	* config/aarch64/gentune.sh: Also generate "generic_sched" attribute.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-tune.md: Regenerate.
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