[PATCH 5/10] OpenACC 2.0 support for libgomp - offload image registration

Julian Brown julian@codesourcery.com
Tue Sep 23 18:19:00 GMT 2014

This patch is by Ilya Verbin and was originally posted here:


It implements a scheme for offloaded target-device code to register
itself with the libgomp runtime.


xxxx-xx-xx  Ilya Verbin  <ilya.verbin@intel.com>

       * libgomp.map (GOMP_4.0.1): New symbol version.
       Add GOMP_offload_register.
       * plugin-host.c (device_available): Replace with:
       (get_num_devices): This.
       (get_type): New.
       (offload_register): Ditto.
       (device_init): Ditto.
       (device_get_table): Ditto.
       (device_run): Ditto.
       * target.c (target_type): New enum.
       (offload_image_descr): New struct.
       (offload_images, num_offload_images): New globals.
       (struct gomp_device_descr): Remove device_available_func.
       Add type, is_initialized, get_type_func, get_num_devices_func,
       offload_register_func, device_init_func, device_get_table_func,
       (mapping_table): New struct.
       (GOMP_offload_register): New function.
       (gomp_init_device): Ditto.
       (GOMP_target): Add device initialization and lookup for target
         fn. (GOMP_target_data): Add device initialization.
       (GOMP_target_update): Ditto.
       (gomp_load_plugin_for_device): Take handles for get_type,
       get_num_devices, offload_register, device_init, device_get_table,
       device_run functions.
       (gomp_register_images_for_device): New function.
       (gomp_find_available_plugins): Add registration of offload
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