Enable EBX for x86 in 32bits PIC code

Jeff Law law@redhat.com
Tue Sep 23 16:00:00 GMT 2014

On 09/23/14 08:34, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 05:54:37PM +0400, Ilya Enkovich wrote:
>> use fixed EBX at least until we make sure pseudo PIC doesn't harm debug
>> info generation.  If we have such option then gcc.target/i386/pic-1.c and
> For debug info, it seems you are already handling this in
> delegitimize_address target hook, I'd suggest just building some very large
> shared library at -O2 -g -fpic on i?86 and either look at the
> sizes of .debug_info/.debug_loc sections with/without the patch,
> or use the locstat utility from elfutils (talk to Petr Machata if needed).
Can't hurt, but I really don't see how changing from a fixed to an 
allocatable register is going to muck up debug info in any significant 


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