[PATCH 3/14] Add new optabs for reducing vectors to scalars

Alan Lawrence alan.lawrence@arm.com
Mon Sep 22 13:26:00 GMT 2014

Richard Biener wrote:
> scalar_reduc_to_vector misses a comment.

Ok to reuse the comment in optabs.h in optabs.c also?

> I wonder if at the end we wouldn't transition all backends and then
> renaming reduc_*_scal_optab back to reduc_*_optab makes sense.

Yes, that sounds like a plan, the _scal is a bit of a mouthful.

> The optabs have only one mode - I wouldn't be surprised if an ISA
> invents for example v4si -> di reduction?  So do we want to make
> reduc_plus_scal_optab a little bit more future proof (maybe there
> is already an ISA that supports this kind of reduction?).

That sounds like a plausible thing for an ISA to do, indeed. However given these 
names are only used by the autovectorizer rather than directly, the question is 
what the corresponding source code looks like, and/or what changes to the 
autovectorizer we might have to make to (look for code to) exploit such an 
instruction. At this point I could go for a 
reduc_{plus,min_max}_scal_<mode><mode> which reduces from the first vector mode 
to the second scalar mode, and then make the vectorizer look only for cases 
where the second mode was the element type of the first; but I'm not sure I want 
to do anything more complicated than that at this stage. (However, indeed it 
would leave the possibility open for the future.)


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