[debug-early] Disable removal of DW_tags* while generating subprogram DIEs

Jason Merrill jason@redhat.com
Thu Sep 18 19:55:00 GMT 2014

On 09/18/2014 03:25 PM, Aldy Hernandez wrote:
> This patch disables removing of
> DW_AT_{declaration,object_pointer,formal_parameter} tags while
> generating a DIE for subprograms.  Now that we generate dwarf info
> early, we will always have an old_die the second time around.   I see no
> need to remove the aforementioned tags, only to create them again
> (incorrectly in a C++ testcase I have).

I think you probably still want to remove DW_AT_declaration, as you 
probably don't want it the second time around (and wouldn't create it 


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