[AArch64] Auto-generate the "BUILTIN_" macros for aarch64-builtins.c

James Greenhalgh james.greenhalgh@arm.com
Thu Sep 18 09:53:00 GMT 2014


A possible source of errors is in keeping the iterators.md file and the
iterator macros in aarch64-builtin.c synchronized.

Clearly this shouldn't be a problem given standard unix tools, it is just a
text processing job.

This patch adds geniterators.sh to the AArch64 backend which takes the
iterators.md file and generates aarch64-builtin-iterators.h, this replaces
the definitions from aarch64-builtins.c, which now just include this file.

Bootstrapped for aarch64-none-linux-gnueabi, and regression tested for
aarch64-none-elf with no issues.




2014-09-18  James Greenhalgh  <james.greenhalgh@arm.com>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-builtin-iterators.h: New.
	* config/aarch64/geniterators.sh: New.
	* config/aarch64/iterators.md (VDQF_DF): New.
	* config/aarch64/t-aarch64: Add dependencies on new build script.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-builtins.c (BUILTIN_*) Remove.
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