ptx preliminary address space fixes [1/4]

Joseph S. Myers
Tue Sep 16 21:18:00 GMT 2014

On Tue, 16 Sep 2014, Bernd Schmidt wrote:

> > It's not an implementation detail, it's how TR 18037 defines them, and
> > thus how the C front end should represent them in order to follow the
> > requirements of TR 18037.
> My position is that standards do not mandate how our internal data structures
> should look like, and we should be striving to make them consistent. That

My position is that the structures in the front end should correspond to 
how the language is actually defined, so that the most obvious way of 
accessing some property of an entity in the front end actually gets that 
property as it is defined in the standard, and not something similar but 
confusingly different defined by GCC.  It's the job of genericizing / 
gimplifying to convert from structures that closely correspond to the 
source program and the language standard into ones that are more 
convenient for language-independent processing and code generation.

(That TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT maps an array of qualified type to an array of 
corresponding unqualified type necessitates lots of special cases in the 
front end to avoid applying TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT to array types, since in C 
terms array types are always unqualified and are unrelated to an array of 
corresponding unqualified element type.)

Joseph S. Myers

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