[PATCH] Fix PR debug/60433: Handle TEMPLATE_TYPE_PARM in dbxout_type

Jeff Law law@redhat.com
Mon Sep 15 22:08:00 GMT 2014

On 09/11/14 15:36, John David Anglin wrote:
> On 9/11/2014 4:18 PM, Jeff Law wrote:
>> On 09/07/14 11:52, John David Anglin wrote:
>>> The attached change fixes an ICE in dbxout_type on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.11
>>> compiling auto-fn24.C.
>>> Tested on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.11 and hppa64-hp-hpux11.11.
>>> OK for trunk and 4.9?
>> Is dbxout.c allowed to look at language specific nodes?  Isn't
>> TEMPLATE_TYPE_PARM defined by the C++ front-end .def file?
>> It's been eons since I looked at dbxout.c -- does it have hooks to
>> deal with language specific nodes?
> I don't have an answer to your questions but in dbxout_type_methods we
> skip TEMPLATE_DECLs.  I stuck
> the TEMPLATE_TYPE_PARM with void type because of this.  It already
> includes LANG_TYPE.
Yea, but the implementation around TEMPLATE_DECLs is to skip anything 
that isn't a FUNCTION_DECL.

I can't find anything in dbxout.c which references language specific 
nodes, so I'm hesitant to add them, even in something as rarely used as 

Can we take inspiration from dwarf2out.c here?

See is_ccx_auto and how it gets used in the type code.


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