Maciej W. Rozycki macro@codesourcery.com
Mon Sep 15 14:38:00 GMT 2014

On Thu, 4 Sep 2014, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:

> >  While at it, may I propose another change on top of this?
> >
> >  I've noticed the test case is rather slow, it certainly takes much more 
> > time than the average one, I've seen elapsed times of well over a minute 
> > on reasonably fast hardware and occasionally a timeout midway through even 
> > though the test case was otherwise progressing just fine.  I think lock 
> > contention or unrelated system activity such as hardware interrupts (think 
> > a busy network!) may contribute to it for systems using LL/SC loops for 
> > atomicity.
> >
> >  So I think the default timeout that's used for really quick tests should 
> > be extended a bit.  I propose a factor of 2, just not to make it too 
> > excessive, at least for the beginning (maybe it'll have to be higher 
> > eventually).
> Do you mind if I incorporate this change on my patchset?

 I missed your e-mail previously, sorry.  Surely I don't!  Thanks.


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