ptx preliminary address space fixes [3/4]

Bernd Schmidt
Fri Sep 12 11:53:00 GMT 2014

On 09/12/2014 01:45 PM, Richard Biener wrote:
>> Let me know what you prefer.
> Hmm, neither I suppose.  COMPLEX_TYPEs are also built
> with main-variant component type and I suspect the same for
> ARRAY_TYPEs.  I see the address-space on types as
> artifact that comes from Frontend support (aka parsing).

> Fixing up the vector type in advance is ok with me but I'd like us to
> move away from address-space-on-types.

Is that an approval for the first variant in the sense that it's the 
best we can do at the moment? Or are you requiring a rewrite of all the 
address space support in the compiler?


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