Fix some more decl types in the Fortran frontend

Thu Sep 11 10:37:00 GMT 2014

Changing the fntype[2] looks wrong to me, as it is also used for powi(double, int) , where the argument order matches the current version:

>   gfc_define_builtin ("__builtin_powi", mfunc_double[2],
>                       BUILT_IN_POWI, "powi", ATTR_CONST_NOTHROW_LEAF_LIST);

(I don’t see any other use of this, but I might be missing something.)

It looks like fntype[5] is actually what you need, and it’s already constructed! However, there is even more mistery here, because it is currently used for __builtin_scalbn, which doesn’t seem right:

So I suspect looking a bit more in depth is required! Also, testcases that excercise this fndecl matching (which you would see fail on ptx) would be a great addition to the testsuite, once you commit (for powi & scalbn, which do not look covered right now, otherwise you would have seen regressions).


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