Fix some more decl types in the Fortran frontend

Bernd Schmidt
Thu Sep 11 10:24:00 GMT 2014

This shows up as failures of gfortran.dg/bessel_[67].f90 on ptx. 
According to the man page, the correct declarations are

double jn(int n, double x);
double yn(int n, double x);

and our calls match this, but the argument types are switched in the 
decls built by the Fortran frontend. On ptx, such errors are diagnosed 
by the assembler. Fixed by the following patch, bootstrapped and tested 
on x86_64-linux. Ok?

I'm also seeing some new Fortran testsuite failures after the recent 
merge to gomp-4_0-branch, due to a similar issue. That one has been 
harder to figure out, one of the affected tests is 
gfortran.dg/array_assignment_5.f90.  Here, we call 
_gfortran_spread_char_scalar, which is declared in the library as a 
function taking 6 args, and we pass 6 args to it. However, the decl for 
it only has 5 arguments. It's unclear to me where the problem is in the 
construction of the argument list for the decl. I'm also unsure why this 
has shown up only very recently.

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