[PATCHv2] Vimrc config with GNU formatting

Yury Gribov tetra2005@gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 04:47:00 GMT 2014

Segher Boessenkool <segher <at> kernel.crashing.org> writes:
> I am saying it is very anti-social to make
> people's editor behave differently from what they are used to.
> ...
> The Emacs dir-locals file simply
> configures some settings for files with certain major modes in that 
> For example, ours says that c-mode files should use GNU style.  This 
> quite harmless, and probably what most Emacs users want.

Hm, so autoformatting in Emacs is good because that's what most users 
want but autoformatting in Vim is bad because that's not what people are 
used to?

> First, you are encouraging
> the use of a plugin that is a gaping wide security hole.

I don't think so. The comment mentions that user can either install a 
(rather widespread btw) plugin or just call config from his .vimrc.

> Secondly, this is a very poor imitation of the mechanism Vim has for 
> with filetypes, namely, ftplugins.

I'm ready to accept technical suggestions on how to do the thing 
properly. So what exactly do you propose?

> [Snipped some overly optimistic stuff about this all increasing the 
> of posted patches.  Hint: the most frequently made formatting error is
> forgetting to put two spaces at the end of a sentence.

Dunno, I was relying on personal experience. And searching for "two|2 
spaces" on http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches returns 2000 results 
whereas "eight|8 spaces" only 700.


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