[PATCHv2] Vimrc config with GNU formatting

Yury Gribov y.gribov@samsung.com
Wed Sep 10 08:09:00 GMT 2014

Hi all,

This is a second version of patch which adds a Vim config (.local.vimrc)
to root folder to allow automatic setup of GNU formatting for 
C/C++/Java/Lex GCC files.

I've updated the code with comments from Richard and Bernhard (which 
fixed formatting
of lonely closing bracket).

The patch caused a lively debate with Segher who wanted .local.vimrc to 
not be enabled
by default. We basically have two options:
1) put .local.vimrc to root (just like .dir-locals.el config for Emacs)
2) put both .local.vimrc and .dir-locals.el to contrib and add Makefile 
to create symlinks in root folder per user's request
I personally prefer 2) because this would IMHO improve the quality of 
(e.g. no more silly tab-whitespace formatting bugs).

Thoughts? Ok to commit?


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