Vimrc config with GNU formatting

Yury Gribov
Sat Sep 6 16:33:00 GMT 2014

Bernhard Reutner-Fischer < <at>> writes:
> > * gcc_style.vim enables GNU style globally, for all projects
> How come? Please explain?

My understanding was that maybe_gcc_style gets run on all opened files and 
this could cause problems with non-GCC projects. But given that you check for 
GCC comment it's probably not an issue.

> > But as I mentioned also disables formatting for all new files.
> Yes, you could if match(expand('%:p:h'), "gcc") != -1
> or something like that but that's not pretty and robust either.

Yeah, and we'll also want GNU coding style in GCC runtime libs (libbacktrace, 
etc.) so filtering may get quite messy.

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