[patch] remove picochip

Trevor Saunders tsaunders@mozilla.com
Fri Sep 5 03:17:00 GMT 2014


Looks like the patch is to big to send uncompressed, so sorry if this
the second mail you get :)

Given picochip has been obsolete for several years at this point, and
when I asked a while back if anyone wanted to keep it nobody responded
I'm going to claim its time to kill it.

bootstrapped + regtested x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, and checked
picochip-elf is nolonger a recognized target. ok?



2014-09-04  Trevor Saunders  <tsaunders@mozilla.com>

	* compare-all-tests: Don't test picochip.
	* config-list.mk: Likewise.


2014-09-04  Trevor Saunders  <tsaunders@mozilla.com>

	* common/config/picochip/picochip-common.c: Remove.
	* config.gcc: Remove support for picochip.
	* config/picochip/constraints.md: Remove.
	* config/picochip/dfa_space.md: Remove.
	* config/picochip/dfa_speed.md: Remove.
	* config/picochip/picochip-protos.h: Remove.
	* config/picochip/picochip.c: Remove.
	* config/picochip/picochip.h: Remove.
	* config/picochip/picochip.md: Remove.
	* config/picochip/picochip.opt: Remove.
	* config/picochip/predicates.md: Remove.
	* config/picochip/t-picochip: Remove.
	* doc/md.texi: Don't document picochi.


2014-09-04  Trevor Saunders  <tsaunders@mozilla.com>

	* config.host: Remove picochip support.
	* config/picochip/adddi3.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/ashlsi3.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/ashlsi3.c: Remove.
	* config/picochip/ashrsi3.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/ashrsi3.c: Remove.
	* config/picochip/clzsi2.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/cmpsi2.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/divmod15.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/divmodhi4.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/divmodsi4.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/lib1funcs.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/longjmp.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/lshrsi3.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/lshrsi3.c: Remove.
	* config/picochip/parityhi2.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/popcounthi2.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/setjmp.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/subdi3.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/t-picochip: Remove.
	* config/picochip/ucmpsi2.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/udivmodhi4.S: Remove.
	* config/picochip/udivmodsi4.S: Remove.

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