[PATCH 2/2] Enable elimination of zext/sext

Kugan kugan.vivekanandarajah@linaro.org
Fri Sep 5 01:33:00 GMT 2014

>> Here is an attempt to do the value range computation in promoted_mode's
>> type when it is overflowing. Bootstrapped on x86-84.
> Err - I think you misunderstood this as a suggestion to do this ;)
> value-ranges should be computed according to the type not according
> to the (promoted) mode.  Otherwise we will miss optimization
> opportunities.

Oops, sorry, I had my doubts about making trees aware of back-end stuff.

Coming back to the original problem, what would be the best approach to
handle this. Looking at the VRP pass, it seems to me that only MULT_EXPR
and LSHIFT_EXPR are truncating values this way. All other operation are
setting it to type_min, type_max. Can we rely on this ?

Is this error not showing up in PROMOTED_MODE <= word_mode (and
the mode precision of register from which we SUBREG is <= word_mode
precision) is just a coincidence. Can we rely on this?

Is there anyway we can fix this?

Thanks again,

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