[PATCH][IRA] Analysis of register usage of functions for usage by IRA.

Vladimir Makarov vmakarov@redhat.com
Thu Sep 4 14:55:00 GMT 2014

On 2014-09-04 3:37 AM, Tom de Vries wrote:
> On 03-09-14 18:58, Tom de Vries wrote:
>> I've build the patch and ran the fuse-caller-save tests, and I'm
>> currently
>> bootstrapping and reg-testing it on x86_64.
> Vladimir,
> This patch fixes a problem (found on s390) in one of the committed
> fuse-caller-save patches. s390 is the only user of the
> IRA_HARD_REGNO_ADD_COST_MULTIPLIER target macro. The problem in the
> fuse-caller-save patch is that the code guarded by
> IRA_HARD_REGNO_ADD_COST_MULTIPLIER in ira_tune_allocno_costs is not
> call-related, but is now conditional on a
> ALLOCNO_CROSSED_CALLS_CLOBBERED_REGS test. This patch fixes that.
> Bootstrapped and reg-tested on x86_64. No issues found ( other than a
> non-reproducible failure while testing the non-bootstrap version:
> https://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc/2014-09/msg00065.html ).
> OK for trunk ?

Yes, Tom.  Thanks for fixing the problem Ulrich found.

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