[PATCH C++] - SD-6 Implementation

Ed Smith-Rowland 3dw4rd@verizon.net
Tue Sep 2 02:01:00 GMT 2014

The Fourth installment, testing and other oddments will be sent tomorrow.

The implementation of __has_cpp_attribute is underway and will come in a 
few days as a Fifth installment (modulo bugs this should be all).
I have it working in C++.
I feel though that it would be welcome as it is in clang for all 
C-family languages.  I intend to offer a __has_attribute for all C 
The __has_cpp_attribute will just be for C++.

Thiago, I did not mean to clobber your work.  This has been baking for a 
while (last patches in June) and I just got back to it after a break 
with little useful attention to g++.
Perhaps we can combine our work.  I'll look over your patch.  I know you 
want this to support Qt ;-)  I think this effort will help.



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