[PATCH] Add header guard to several header files.

Kito Cheng kito.cheng@gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 16:38:00 GMT 2014

Hi Joseph:

Thanks for your review, I've reverted the part of gsyslimits.h,
here is updated patch and ChangeLog :)

bootstrap ok for x86_64

2014-09-01  Kito Cheng  <kito@0xlab.org>

    except.h: Fix header guard.
    addresses.h: Add missing header guard.
    cfghooks.h: Likewise.
    collect-utils.h: Likewise.
    collect2-aix.h: Likewise.
    conditions.h: Likewise.
    cselib.h: Likewise.
    dwarf2asm.h: Likewise.
    graphds.h: Likewise.
    graphite-scop-detection.h: Likewise.
    gsyms.h: Likewise.
    hw-doloop.h: Likewise.
    incpath.h: Likewise.
    ipa-inline.h: Likewise.
    ipa-ref.h: Likewise.
    ira-int.h: Likewise.
    ira.h: Likewise.
    lra-int.h: Likewise.
    lra.h: Likewise.
    lto-section-names.h: Likewise.
    read-md.h: Likewise.
    reload.h: Likewise.
    rtl-error.h: Likewise.
    sdbout.h: Likewise.
    target-def.h: Likewise.
    target-hooks-macros.h: Likewise.
    targhooks.h: Likewise.
    tree-affine.h: Likewise.
    xcoff.h: Likewise.
    xcoffout.h: Likewise.

On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 11:56 PM, Joseph S. Myers
<joseph@codesourcery.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Sep 2014, Kito Cheng wrote:
>>     gsyslimits.h: Likewise.
> This is incorrect.  This is a very special header file, installed as part
> of the implementation of <limits.h>; it certainly can't use any
> user-namespace identifiers, and it's probably not safe for it to have
> header guards at all.
> --
> Joseph S. Myers
> joseph@codesourcery.com
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