[PATCH, Cilk+] CIlk_for enabling in the compiler

Jakub Jelinek jakub@redhat.com
Mon Sep 1 08:14:00 GMT 2014

On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 02:36:17PM +0000, Zamyatin, Igor wrote:
> Hi!
> The patch is another attempt to enable Cilk_for (see eg https://www.cilkplus.org/sites/default/files/open_specifications/Intel_Cilk_plus_lang_spec_1.2.htm) in the GCC compiler.
> Bootstrapped and regtested on x86_64.
> Is it ok for the trunk?

Ok, thanks, though put your name in the ChangeLogs too.

> 014-08-29  Jakub Jelinek  <jakub@redhat.com>
>             Balaji V. Iyer  <balaji.v.iyer@intel.com>
2014?  The second and following mail should be indented by tab and 4 spaces,
not 12 spaces.

BTW, seems something ate some whitespace in the patch, please post
patches as attachment or use a better MUA next time.


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