Two build != host fixes

Alan Modra
Thu Jan 23 23:02:00 GMT 2014

On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 09:21:46PM -0700, Jeff Law wrote:
> >	* <recursive call for build != host>: Define
> >	and LD_FOR_BUILD too.
> >	* configure: Regenerate.
> The changes look fine to me.

Thanks!  That part alone ought to fix the in-tree gmp breakage.

> Not sure about the changes, probably because I simply
> don't understand this mess anymore.  Is it the $INCLUDES or
> $CPPFLAGS from ALL_CPPFLAGS that causes the problem?  I'm guessing
> the latter since it's substituted via @CPPFLAGS@.
> If so, shouldn't we use BUILD_CPPFLAGS=$INCLUDES $(CPPINC)?

INCLUDES is the problem.

INCLUDES = -I. -I$(@D) -I$(srcdir) -I$(srcdir)/$(@D) \
	   -I$(srcdir)/../include @INCINTL@ \

That's where we potentially have GMPINC fouling the build compile with
host headers, ditto for GLOOGINC and ISLINC.  DECNUMINC and
BACKTRACEINC are in-tree so don't cause any problem, but we don't need
either of those when running COMPILER_FOR_BUILD for any of gen*.

Of course, then your question becomes, why exclude CPPFLAGS?  (And if
CPPFLAGS needs to be excluded here, then I should have just used
CPPFLAGS=-DGENERATOR_FILE for the recursive configure call..)  I'm not
sure now, I'll have to do some digging.  Also as to why @INCINTL@ was
removed, when gettext is potentially needed for the gen programs.

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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