Reload codegen improvement

Chung-Lin Tang
Thu Jan 23 09:45:00 GMT 2014

On 14/1/8 12:22 AM, Bernd Schmidt wrote:
> This fixes a problem identified by Chung-Lin. Once reload is done, all
> equivalencing insns for pseudos that didn't get a hard reg but could be
> eliminated using their REG_EQUIV are deleted. However, we still can
> produce reloads and reload insns for them in certain cases, leading to
> unnecessary spilling. This patch corrects this by making sure we use
> identical tests when deciding whether to ignore an insn while reloading,
> and whether to delete it afterwards.
> Bootstrapped and tested on x86_64-linux (with lra_p disabled). Chung-Lin
> says he's tested it as well, I think on arm (probably with something 4.8
> based). Will commit in a few days if no objections.
> Bernd

Hi Bernd, this does not seem to be committed yet.


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