experimental testsuite patch

François Dumont frs.dumont@gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 20:50:00 GMT 2014

So here is another patch proposal with the faulty debug assertion 
commented for the moment.

2014-01-20  François Dumont  <fdumont@gcc.gnu.org>

     * scripts/create_testsuite_files: Add testsuite/experimental in
     the list of folders to introspect for tests.
     * include/experimental/string_view
     (basic_string_view<>::operator[]): Comment _GLIBCXX_DEBUG_ASSERT,
     incompatible with constexpr qualifier.
     (basic_string_view<>::front()): Likewise.
     (basic_string_view<>::back()): Likewise.
     * testsuite/experimental/string_view/element_access/wchar_t/2.cc:
     Merge dg-options directives into one.
     * testsuite/experimental/string_view/element_access/char/2.cc:
     Likewise. Remove invalid experimental namespace scope on

Tested under Linux x86_64 normal, debug modes.

Ok to commit ?


On 01/15/2014 06:43 PM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> On 15 January 2014 17:22, Paolo Carlini wrote:
>> On 01/15/2014 06:17 PM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>>> I think we decided we want functions to be constexpr in debug mode if
>>> they are constexpr in normal mode.
>>> I think std::array has solved the same problem without losing the
>>> constexpr qualifier.
>> Yes, I think the only complete solution we know of is that kind of strategy.
>> But IMO it could wait, for the time being we could just comment out the
>> checks and add comments about that (make sure first that the various make
>> check* are clean as we are approaching the release of 4.9.0)
> Yes, that would be the safest option. The assertions are not essential.

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