[Patch] Patch set for regex instantiation

Paolo Carlini paolo.carlini@oracle.com
Sun Jan 12 10:32:00 GMT 2014


> On 12/gen/2014, at 01:48, Tim Shen <timshen91@gmail.com> wrote:
> Here're 4 patches that finally led the _Compiler's instantiation and
> some other optimization for compiling time.
> 1) Create class _ScannerBase to make _Scanner pithier. Move const
> static members to src/c++11/regex.cc.
> 2) Make _Compiler and _Scanner `_FwdIter independent`. We store the
> input regex string in basic_regex as a basic_string; but when
> compiling it, const _CharT* is used.
> 3) Avoid using std::map, std::set and std::queue to reduce compile time.
> 4) Instantiate _Compiler<regex_traits<char>> and
> _Compiler<regex_traits<wchar_t>>. Export vector<string> and
> vector<wstring>'s ctor and dtor as well for _Compiler's denpendency.

Thanks, but as we already tried to explain, instantiating, thus adding many exported symbols, is post 4.9 material, can't be committed until we branch. Please make sure to have in a separate patch or multiple patches the correctness fixes and maybe anything unrelated to instantiation which you consider stable and independently useful.

> Booted, and tested with -m64 and -m32; But check-debug failed some
> 23_containers/* cases? I suppose it's not my problem?

Please make sure Francois knows about that...


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