RFC Asan instrumentation control

Maxim Ostapenko m.ostapenko@partner.samsung.com
Thu Jan 9 08:11:00 GMT 2014


 >> * c-c++-common/asan/no-asan-stack.c (this triggers read overflow
 >> because we haven't found a cross-platform way to grep for stack
 >> redzones instrumentation)

 > I'd prefer no test in that case, or just some semi-platform specific 
 > (scan that the 0x41b58ab3 constant doesn't appear in say some late 
RTL dump,
 > or perhaps just assembly (just scan it with lower and upper case and 
 > too)).

Thanks, commited in 206458 without c-c++-common/asan/no-asan-stack.c 
I'll fix this test according to your recommendations a bit later.


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