Patch ping

Jakub Jelinek
Mon Jan 6 09:52:00 GMT 2014


I'd like to ping a few unreviewed patches:

- use libbacktrace in libsanitizer symbolization - PR sanitizer/59136

- allow building libsanitizer against older kernel headers

- use cp-demangle as libsanitizer+libbacktrace demangler
  (note, Gary has already committed his fix, so the demangler
  is now really malloc/calloc/realloc call free)

- ifcvt/crossjumping fix - PR rtl-optimization/58668
  (note, Eric approved earlier version of the patch but Steven
  wanted to use active_insn_p instead, haven't committed anything
  yet, waiting to see what should be committed)

- improve Scimark2 SOR by 42% through small predcom change - PR tree-optimization/59643

- fix up PCH - PR pch/59436
  (note, as pointed out by Mike in followup, what I'd like to
  commit is a version with s/(void *) // in the patch, already


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