[PATCH, i386, MPX, 1/X] Support of Intel MPX ISA. 1/2 Bound type and modes

Jeff Law law@redhat.com
Wed Oct 23 20:46:00 GMT 2013

On 10/23/13 04:57, Ilya Enkovich wrote:
> 2013-10-23  Ilya Enkovich  <ilya.enkovich@intel.com>
> 	* mode-classes.def (MODE_POINTER_BOUNDS): New.
> 	* tree.def (POINTER_BOUNDS_TYPE): New.
> 	* genmodes.c (complete_mode): Support MODE_POINTER_BOUNDS.
> 	(make_pointer_bounds_mode): New.
> 	* machmode.h (POINTER_BOUNDS_MODE_P): New.
> 	* stor-layout.c (int_mode_for_mode): Support MODE_POINTER_BOUNDS.
> 	(layout_type): Support POINTER_BOUNDS_TYPE.
> 	* tree-pretty-print.c (dump_generic_node): Support POINTER_BOUNDS_TYPE.
> 	* tree.c (build_int_cst_wide): Support POINTER_BOUNDS_TYPE.
> 	(type_contains_placeholder_1): Likewise.
> 	* tree.h (POINTER_BOUNDS_TYPE_P): New.
> 	* varasm.c (output_constant): Support POINTER_BOUNDS_TYPE.
> 	* doc/rtl.texi (MODE_POINTER_BOUNDS): New.
OK for the trunk.  IIRC, there was a backend patch with conditional 
approval that should be good to go now (conditional upon the acceptance 
of the types/modes patch).

Note that since I asked for a couple things to be renamed that backend 
patch might need tweaking.  If so, make the obvious changes, post the 
patch (so it's recorded into the archives) and go ahead and check it 
into the trunk.


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