C++ PATCH: Use VAR_P instead of direct TREE_CODE (t) == VAR_DECL

Paolo Carlini paolo.carlini@oracle.com
Fri Mar 29 16:55:00 GMT 2013


On 03/29/2013 04:59 PM, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> This patch introduces the predicate VAR_P and use it in place of direct
>      TREE_CODE (t) == VAR_DECL
> It improves readability and makes predicates easier to follow.
> Tested on an x86_64-suse-linux.  Applying to trunk.

Do you think it would also make sense to consistently use in C++ 
front-end TYPE_PTR_P instead of TREE_CODE (t) == POINTER_TYPE? It's 
something I noticed a while ago when I cleaned-up predicated related to 
pointers and occurred to me again now that you are doing some of this 
kind of work. If you like I can do this bit.


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