[Patch, Fortran] PR56650/36437 - Add compile-time simplification for (c_)sizeof, storage_size

Tobias Burnus burnus@net-b.de
Wed Mar 27 11:27:00 GMT 2013

Am 27.03.2013 10:47, schrieb Thomas Koenig:
> I think you need to deallocate array_size in gfc_simplify_sizeof
> unconditionally.

Actually, when I applied the more than two years old draft patch, I 
thought likewise - but that leads to segfaults. If one reads the code 
more carefully, one sees that the condition is required:

>> +  if (x->rank && x->expr_type != EXPR_ARRAY
>> +      && gfc_array_size (x, &array_size) == FAILURE)
>> +    return NULL;
> Here, it is allocated on success of gfc_array_size.

But only if  "x->rank && x->expr_type != EXPR_ARRAY" is true.

> And here, it is freed only if expr_type != EXPR_ARRAY.
>> +  if (x->rank && x->expr_type != EXPR_ARRAY)

Which is the same condition.

I have now applied the (unmodified) patch as Rev. 197159.

Thanks for the review!


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