[Patch, fortran] Module loading improvements part 1/3

Tobias Burnus burnus@net-b.de
Tue Mar 26 15:24:00 GMT 2013

Mikael Morin wrote:
> Le 24/03/2013 22:58, Janne Blomqvist a écrit :
>> The attached patch takes the crude approach of first sequentially
>> reading the .mod file into a temporary buffer, then does the actual
>> parsing from that buffer.
> I don't like it much, but knowing how bad module files are currently
> handled, it's probably the way to go.
>> - Caching module files, a crude implementation of the old "module
>> namespaces" idea. E.g. put the uncompressed module contents into a map
>> keyed by module name. (part 3/3).
> But I'm not too fond of that one.  Bah, let's see if it improves things.

I wonder whether one should also do what Joost has proposed:* Changing 
"allocatable" to "al" etc. That reduces both the .mod file size (and 
thus I/O and improves caching) and the memory consumption of the 
compiler with the proposed caching scheme. As context-aware compression, 
it could even have a better ratio than ZIP. (ZIP can still be used on 
top of it.)


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