[Patch, fortran] Module loading improvements part 1/3

Mikael Morin mikael.morin@sfr.fr
Tue Mar 26 15:08:00 GMT 2013

Le 24/03/2013 22:58, Janne Blomqvist a écrit :
> The attached patch takes the crude approach of first sequentially
> reading the .mod file into a temporary buffer, then does the actual
> parsing from that buffer. 
I don't like it much, but knowing how bad module files are currently
handled, it's probably the way to go.

> This patch lays the groundwork
> for
> - zlib compression of .mod files (part 2/3).
This one sounds promising

> - Caching module files, a crude implementation of the old "module
> namespaces" idea. E.g. put the uncompressed module contents into a map
> keyed by module name. (part 3/3).
But I'm not too fond of that one.  Bah, let's see if it improves things.

> @@ -1004,7 +1008,7 @@ static void bad_module (const char *) ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN;
>  static void
>  bad_module (const char *msgid)
>  {
> -  fclose (module_fp);
> +  XDELETEVEC (module_content);
I know this is followed by fatal errors only, but I would feel much
better with an additional 'module_content = NULL;'

OK with that change.


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