[patch cygwin64]: Add and adjust some initial sources for x64 cygwin

Kai Tietz ktietz70@googlemail.com
Sun Mar 24 22:21:00 GMT 2013

2013/3/23 Dave Korn <dave.korn.cygwin@gmail.com>:
> On 23/03/2013 00:57, Kai Tietz wrote:
>> 2013/3/23 Dave Korn <dave.korn.cygwin@gmail.com>:
>>> On 23/03/2013 00:24, Kai Tietz wrote:
>>>> 2013/3/23 Dave Korn <dave.korn.cygwin@gmail.com>:
>>>>> On 23/03/2013 00:16, Kai Tietz wrote:
>>>>>> welcome, too.  It would be even better if we could rethink actual the
>>>>>> need of loading java-library within libgcc's cygwin's/mingw's crtbegin
>>>>>> at all.  I am actual not that sure, if we need this at all.
>>>>>   Somebody has to register the default classes at startup, or attempts to
>>>>> classload them will fail.
>>>> Right, but shouldn't that be done by libjava-DLL itself on loading
>>>> (and deregistration on unloading)?  I see no good point to add this
>>>> into a different dll?  But well, I might miss here an important point.
>>>   Well, libgcc is always there, and libjava doesn't have any specific hooks
>>> where we could add startup code, which is why all targets do it by default in
>>> libgcc/crtstuff.c along with the C++ default ctor stuff.
>> Hmm, we have DllMain. it is enough for native Windows. And cygwin has
>> same feature via DECLARE_CYGWIN_DLL( DllMain ); AFAIK.
>   Well, yes we do, but why not just do it the same way every other target does it?
>   Also, DllMain is very risky to do anything complex in.  Without having some
> strong guarantees about how the default java class registration code might or
> might not behave, I don't want to call it from DllMain.  (You've read
> http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/driver/kernel/DLL_bestprac.mspx?)
>     cheers,
>       DaveK

Well, I can't see that the required code here is something pretty
complex.  Also we are not talking here about kernel-driver DLL files,
are we?


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