[PATCH 1/4] Mark all member functions with memory models always inline

Jakub Jelinek jakub@redhat.com
Wed Mar 20 10:46:00 GMT 2013

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 11:38:03AM +0100, Richard Biener wrote:
> Not without using information created by TER which is disabled for this
> case because of different line information.  If TER would not be disabled
> for this reason it would already work automagically.

Would relaxing that in TER for constants help in the case of:
static inline __attribute__((always_inline)) ...
foo (..., int m = __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
  if (something)
    bar ();
    baz ();
  __atomic_test_and_set (&x, m);

test ()
though?  I'd think as the temp = 0x10005; would be in a different bb, TER
wouldn't do anything here, for -O1 of course CCP or similar would propagate
that, but for -O0 we'd still have to walk the chain of SSA_NAMEs.


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