[PATCH ARM-Embedded-4_7-branch] fixing incoorect instruction length in checkin r193980

Bin Cheng bin.cheng@arm.com
Fri Mar 1 05:22:00 GMT 2013

On ARM-Embedded-4_7 branch, check-in(r193980) causes a "branch out of range"
bug. Root cause is the incorrect instruction length set by that check-in.
Since the length of instruction should strictly reflect the pattern it
matches, this patch fixes it by correcting the length.

Patch applied to ARM-Embedded-4_7-branch as r196368.


2013-03-01  Bin Cheng  <bin.cheng@arm.com>

	* config/arm/arm.md (*arm_addsi3, *arm_subsi3_insn, *arm_mulsi3_v6)
	(*arm_andsi3_insn, andsi_notsi_si, *iorsi3_insn, *arm_xorsi3)
	(*arm_shiftsi3): Change attribute length from 2 to 4 for all 

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