[PATCH][RFC] Avoid excessive BLOCK associations for locations

Michael Matz matz@suse.de
Mon Jan 28 15:01:00 GMT 2013


On Mon, 28 Jan 2013, Richard Biener wrote:

> What's the point of switching to the outermost scope for unknown-BLOCK
> locations?

It's the most sensical block for code which isn't otherwise associated 
with a BLOCK.  But the latter Shouldn't Happen, because conceptually all 
code runs in some (perhaps artificial) lookup context.  So, it's actually 
not the inliner which should fixup stuff here, but rather ...

> If we have a non-UNKNOWN_LOCATION, would a NULL BLOCK not be an error 
> anyway?

... whatever is producing such non-BLOCK code snippets.  But see below.

> Isn't inheriting the currently active scope much more useful (it 
> definitely is for UNKNOWN_LOCATIONs)?

And yes, the most likely useful block for such code will be the "currently 
active" block.  This is true only before code transformations of course; 
while optimizing you have the same problems like with locations, i.e. how 
to "merge" multiple different BLOCKs into one sensible.

Now, as an implementation optimization (to not bloat the location/block 
sets perhaps) you can define block==NULL <--> block==outermost-scope, and 
in case you do so, it's indeed the inliner that needs to map NULL blocks 
to the mapped outermost scope of the inlined function.  I would guess that 
this is what historically was done, and when this optimization is still 
employed your patch is wrong.  IMHO this optimization should be used.


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