Support for MIPS r5900

Richard Sandiford
Fri Jan 11 09:49:00 GMT 2013

"Maciej W. Rozycki" <> writes:
>  And in any case I insist that the instructions are correctly marked in 
> the opcode table.

I agree that it would be better to exclude the unimplemented instructions.
Jürgen: if you're happy to submit a patch along those lines, I promise
to review it.

BTW Maciej, sorry to be prickly about this, but: where I live, "I insist"
has a very domineering ring to it, at least in this kind of context.
The implication tends to be that "having insisted, I really expect it to
happen, simply because it is _I_ who insisted".  Maybe it's not the same
everywhere though.


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