[AArch64/AArch64-4.7] Fix warning - Unused variable in aarch64_float_const_representable.

James Greenhalgh james.greenhalgh@arm.com
Thu Feb 28 09:38:00 GMT 2013


In aarch64_float_const_representable, `sign' is unused.

This patch removes all references to it. The patch is equally
applicable to trunk and aarch64-4.7-branch.

This patch fixes the warning:

config/aarch64/aarch64.c: In function ‘aarch64_float_const_representable_p’:
config/aarch64/aarch64.c:7075:7: warning: variable ‘sign’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]

Regression tested on aarch64-none-elf with no regressions.

OK for trunk and aarch64-4.7-branch?

James Greenhalgh


2013-02-28  James Greenhalgh  <james.greenhalgh@arm.com>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c
	(aarch64_float_const_representable): Remove unused variable.
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