libsanitizer merge from upstream r175042

Konstantin Serebryany
Wed Feb 13 09:20:00 GMT 2013


The attached patch is the libsanitizer merge from upstream r175042.

Lots of changes. Among other things:
 - x86_64 linux: change the shadow offset to 0x7fff8000 (~5% speedup)
 - the new asan allocator is enabled on Mac (was enabled on Linux before).
 - tsan finds races between atomic and plain accesses
 - better scanf interceptor, enabled by default
 - don't include linux/futex.h (fixes PR56128)
 - simple tests seem to work (again?) on PowerPC64 with 44-bit address
space (46 AS not tested)

Patch for libsanitizer is automatically generated by libsanitizer/
Tested with
rm -rf */{*/,}libsanitizer \
  && make -j 50 \
  && make -C gcc check-g{cc,++}
RUNTESTFLAGS='--target_board=unix\{-m32,-m64\} asan.exp'

Our internal LLVM bots (Linux, Mac and Android) are green.

Ok to commit?

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