Fix PR target/50678

Eric Botcazou
Thu Feb 7 18:09:00 GMT 2013

This is hopefully the final nail in the coffin for PR target/50678, which is 
the failure of ACATS c52104y at -O2 on x86-64/Darwin.  The root cause was 
tracked down to a bug in the unwind info of the system sigtramp and a ticket 
was opened with Apple (radar #10302855).  Pending its resolution, a workaround 
was added in the Ada runtime on all active branches.

Simon reports that the bug has been fixed in Darwin 12.x, which makes c52104y 
fail again on this system because of the workaround.  So he has devised the 
attached patch to disable the workaround at run time.

Tested by Simon on Darwin 12 and Dominique on Darwin 10, applied on all active 

2013-02-07  Simon Wright  <>

	PR target/50678
	* init.c (__darwin_major_version): New function for x86-64/Darwin.
	(__gnat_adjust_context_for_raise) [Darwin]: Disable the workaround
	on Darwin 12 and above.

Eric Botcazou
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