[cxx-conversion] New Hash Table (issue6244048)

Joseph S. Myers joseph@codesourcery.com
Fri May 25 14:29:00 GMT 2012

On Fri, 25 May 2012, Diego Novillo wrote:

> I don't care how ugly coding conventions look.  I've dealt with many and they
> all have their ugly spots.  I mostly care about consistency.
> I don't think we should deviate much from the established GNU standards (which
> are hideous, btw).  Mostly because we are all used to them and it is going to
> be simpler to write new code that is similar to what is already there.

In addition, many people work on multiple components of the GNU toolchain 
and other pieces of the GNU system, and it's desirable to keep consistency 
with binutils, GDB, glibc etc.

(The GNU Coding Standards do change over time ... for example, they now 
allow ranges of years in copyright notices, which I think it would be good 
for GCC and binutils to adopt as GDB and glibc have done, and, following 
GCC's lead, they no longer recommand `' quoting in diagnostics.)

Joseph S. Myers

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