fix install-no-fixedincludes mishaps

Olivier Hainque
Wed May 16 14:46:00 GMT 2012

On May 16, 2012, at 15:17 , Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> Please indent the comments with a tab and remove the empty lines.


> Ok with that change.

 Installed, thanks :)

 If I may, we actually hit another install-no-fixedincludes issue
 in more recent versions of gcc, after
  (Move unwinder to toplevel libgcc)

        * (UNWIND_H): Remove.
        (stmp-int-hdrs): Remove $(UNWIND_H) dependency.
        Don't copy $(UNWIND_H).

 install-no-fixedincludes was not updated. unwind.h is
 thus not installed any more and this is causing troubles
 for at least canadian builds.

 We fixed it with the attached patch in our tree.

 How does that look to you ?

 Many thanks in advance,


 2012-05-16  Olivier Hainque  <>

	* (install-unwind_h): Rename into ...
	(install-unwind_h-forbuild): New target.
	(all): Use it instead of the former install-unwind_h.
	(install-unwind_h): Reinstate, copy to user install destination
	for include files, not to the internal gcc object directory one.
	(install-leaf): Depend on it.

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