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Steven Bosscher
Fri May 11 18:42:00 GMT 2012

Now with patch

On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 8:42 PM, Steven Bosscher <> wrote:
>>>> 2012-05-10  Vladimir Makarov<>
>>>>          PR rtl-optimization/53125
>>>>          * ira.c (ira): Call find_moveable_pseudos and
>>>>          move_unallocated_pseudos if only ira_conflicts_p is true.
> And the attached patch fixes the reginfo slowness.
> The reginfo pass was doing:
>  for each bb:
>    for each insn in bb, from BB_END(bb) to BB_HEAD(bb):
>      for each reg that died between BB_END(bb) and insn: // i.e.
> register is live at insn
>        REG_LIVE_LENGTH(reg)++
> With very large basic blocks, and the kind of code for the test case
> of the PR results in many live registers for SPARC (for x86_64 there
> are far fewer live registers). For SPARC, there are O(1e5) insns and
> O(1e4) registers live for most of the basic block. That is effectively
> almost quadratic behavior in the number of insns per basic block.
> But the above loop is a bit silly. It is much easier and
> computationally cheaper to just remember at what insn reg died (last
> used), and add to REG_LIVE_LENGTH the distance from the insn that sets
> reg to the insn that used reg.
> It turns out that (before or after the patch) partial or conditional
> sets never kill a register, so that REG_LIVE_LENGTH for registers set
> by partial or conditional stores is not very accurate. I have a few
> ideas for how to improve that situation a bit, but I'm not sure if
> it's worth the trouble.
> I also think that the computation of REG_FREQ and
> REG_FREQ_CALLS_CROSSED has been wrong for some time. The maximum
> REG_FREQ is REG_FREQ_MAX (see regs.h) but regstat.c just accumulates
> REG_FREQ_FROM_BB. I've added a few lines to limit the REG_FREQ to
> REG_FREQ_MAX, e.g.:
>                  REG_FREQ (dregno) += REG_FREQ_FROM_BB (bb);
> +                 REG_FREQ (dregno) =
> +                   MIN (REG_FREQ (dregno), REG_FREQ_MAX);
> With this patch, the reginfo pass disappears from the time report for
> the test case attached to PR53125, compiled at -O0.
> Bootstrapped and tested on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, and I verified
> for a few simple test cases that the computed REG_LIVE_LENGHTs are
> unchanged. OK for trunk?
> Ciao!
> Steven
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