[wwwdocs] Add info about IPA optimization and LTO improvments

Andi Kleen andi@firstfloor.org
Mon Sep 26 07:51:00 GMT 2011

Jan Hubicka <hubicka@ucw.cz> writes:
>       </li>
> +     <li>Link-time optimization improvements:
> +     <ul>
> +       <li>Improved scalability and reduced memory usage.  Link time optimization
> +       of Firefox now require 3GB of RAM on 64bit system, while over 8GB was needed
> +       previously. Linking time has been improved, too. The serial stage of linking
> +       Firefox binary has been sped up approximately by factor of 10.</li>
> +       <li>Reduced size of object files and temporary storage used during linktime.</li>
> +       <li>Streaming performance has been improved.</li>
> +       <li>Number of bug fixes, especially in symbol table handling
> and merging.</li>

<li>ld -r is now supported with LTO</li>


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