[PATCH] Make vectorizer dumps more comparable

Richard Sandiford richard.sandiford@linaro.org
Thu Sep 1 08:06:00 GMT 2011

Ira Rosen <IRAR@il.ibm.com> writes:
>> How about, as Micha suggested, print the location of the loop
>> we currently investigate from vectorize_loops () where we
>> call find_loop_location () instead?
> The problem is that a dump of a single loop can be pretty long, and "start
> to analyze loop..."/"finish to analyze loop..." may be not visible enough.
> I am OK with adding these printings though (in addition to line numbers).
> I understand why you didn't like to see the file location, but what's the
> problem with the line number?

+1 FWIW.  I found these per-line locations really useful when doing
the strided load/store stuff.


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