RFA: libstdc++ PATCH to initializer_list to #error in C++98 mode

Paolo Carlini paolo.carlini@oracle.com
Mon Oct 31 20:42:00 GMT 2011

On 10/31/2011 09:17 PM, Jason Merrill wrote:
> On 10/31/2011 04:07 PM, Paolo Carlini wrote:
>> On 10/31/2011 08:37 PM, Jason Merrill wrote:
>>> I have on occasion been confused by <initializer_list> silently
>>> becoming empty in C++98 mode. OK for trunk?
>> For c++98, I think we should use the usual:
>> # include <bits/c++0x_warning.h>
>> #else
>> which we have in place elsewhere. Or we have special reasons for not
>> doing that?
> I'd rather not make a libsupc++ header dependent on a header from the 
> main library.  I guess we could move c++0x_warning.h into libsupc++, 
> though...
Sure. Note anyway, that bits/c++config.h is already included, elsewhere 
too in libsupc++.


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