[PATCH] New port for TILEPro and TILE-Gx: 5/7 libgcc port

Walter Lee walt@tilera.com
Sun Oct 23 11:25:00 GMT 2011

Here is a resubmission of the libgcc patch, removing the dependence on a header
(arch/atomic.h) that's not installed by linux.


	* config.host: Handle tilegx and tilepro.
	* config/tilegx/sfp-machine.h: New file.
	* config/tilegx/sfp-machine32.h: New file.
	* config/tilegx/sfp-machine64.h: New file.
	* config/tilegx/t-softfp: New file.
	* config/tilegx/t-tilegx: New file.
	* config/tilepro/atomic.c: New file.
	* config/tilepro/atomic.h: New file.
	* config/tilepro/sfp-machine.h: New file.
	* config/tilepro/softdivide.c: New file.
	* config/tilepro/softmpy.S: New file.
	* config/tilepro/t-tilepro: New file.

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