Richard Sandiford appointed RTL maintainer

Richard Sandiford
Wed Jun 29 11:19:00 GMT 2011

Gerald Pfeifer <> writes:
> It's my pleasure to announce that, also based on the recommendation of 
> Eric Botcazou as the current maintainer in that area¹, the steering 
> committee is appointing Richard Sandiford as an additional RTL optimizers 
> maintainer.
> Please adjust the MAINTAINERS file accordingly, and Happy Hacking, 
> Richard!

Thanks, and thanks to Eric.  Here's what I've installed.

This appointment seems to have been rather controversial, so FWIW,
I'd be happy to voluntarily downgrade to something else, if there's
a clear idea what that something else should be.


	* MAINTAINERS (RTL optimizers): Add self.

--- MAINTAINERS	2011-06-29 09:33:39.000000000 +0100
+++ MAINTAINERS	2011-06-29 11:01:46.000000000 +0100
@@ -231,6 +231,7 @@ reload			Ulrich Weigand
 reload			Bernd Schmidt
 dfp.c, related		Ben Elliston
 RTL optimizers		Eric Botcazou
+RTL optimizers		Richard Sandiford
 auto-vectorizer		Richard Guenther
 auto-vectorizer		Zdenek Dvorak
 auto-vectorizer		Ira Rosen

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